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5 October 2017
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Can mayonnaise cause food poisoning?

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Food poisoning is caused by the ingestion of bacteria, toxins or parasites. In most cases of food poisoning, they are linked with the common […]

4 October 2017
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Charcoal tablets: What are the usual side effects?

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Charcoal tablets are available over-the-counter as a supplement and generally used for stomach upset, bloating, diarrhea and high cholesterol. Even in the past, charcoal […]

3 October 2017
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Collapsed lung: What are the general signs?

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A collapsed lung or pneumothorax develops if air enters the space amidst the lungs and the chest wall. The air leaks from the lung […]

2 October 2017
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Ink poisoning: What are the signs?

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Ink poisoning generally occurs after ingesting large amounts of ink. It is important to note that ink is not regarded as a poisonous substance. […]