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29 August 2015
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What causes pulmonary tuberculosis?

29 August 2015, Comments: 0

Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that can develop anywhere in the body but it usually affects the lungs. Many individuals end up with this […]

21 April 2015
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Learn about Hemorrhagic Stroke

21 April 2015, Comments: 0

As opposed to an ischemic stroke where a blood clot forms and blocks the arteries in the brain, a hemorrhagic stroke happens when there […]

24 September 2013
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How to Treat a Nosebleed

24 September 2013, Comments: 0

Epistaxis, commonly known as nosebleed, is a fairly common occurrence of hemorrhage from the nose. It is evident as blood simply drains out through […]

16 February 2013
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Blood in urine: Treatment and Prevention

16 February 2013, Comments: 0

Blood in urine, medically termed as hematuria, is an emergency condition that may be caused by strenuous exercise, certain drugs and urinary disorders. Treatment […]