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10 July 2014
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Proper management of a tick bite

10 July 2014, Comments: 0

After walking outdoors, some are likely to notice a small dot on the skin and upon closer inspection, it is a tick. In most […]

5 July 2014
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Neutralizing a jellyfish sting

5 July 2014, Comments: 0

Even though jellyfish can appear harmless, these creatures are capable of delivering a sting that can cause pain and even serious complications if not […]

14 June 2014
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Home treatment for snake and lizard bites

14 June 2014, Comments: 0

If an individual has been wounded by a snake or lizard that is considered poisonous, it is best to call for emergency assistance right […]

13 June 2014
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Treatment for a rattlesnake bite

13 June 2014, Comments: 0

Rattlesnakes are considered one of the common poisonous snakes. In areas where rattlesnakes are common, it is important to be familiar on how to […]

11 June 2014
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Beach hazards

11 June 2014, Comments: 0

When planning your next vacation at the beach, there are certain considerations to bear in mind. Whether you are going to a tropical island […]