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27 August 2020
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First aid performed on a woman after sustaining a gunshot wound

27 August 2020, Comments: 0

A Radisson Heights resident was rudely awakened early morning by sounds of gunfire. She woke up and discovered a hole in her bedroom wall. […]

26 August 2020
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Child struck and hit by a vehicle

26 August 2020, Comments: 0

An 8-year old boy was hit by a vehicle and killed while crossing the street in St-Henri in the Sud-Ouest borough. According to the […]

25 August 2020
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Man receives CPR after an accident in the snow

25 August 2020, Comments: 0

A 51-year old man died after guiding a group of snowmobilers when his machine accidentally rolled over. The snowmobile of the man rolled into […]

24 August 2020
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Possibility of AED failure during emergencies

24 August 2020, Comments: 0

Automated external defibrillators can save the life of an individual with abnormal heart rhythm. Sadly, there were cases of incidents involving the device that […]

21 August 2020
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Prompt intervention with CPR saves the life of an elderly

21 August 2020, Comments: 0

An elderly man was saved with CPR by casino staff at Casino Nova Scotia. Jamael was having their regular weekly lunch at Celtic Junction […]