• Head Injuries

    Helmets: Minimizing Risks of Head Injury

    Statistics back the importance of helmets in minimizing the number of head injuries. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, around 540,000 bicycle riders in the United States receive emergency care in hospitals every year,

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  • Foreign Body in the Nose

    Emergency Childbirth

    What would you do in case you see a pregnant woman who is in emergency childbirth? Most people would not know what to do in such a situation. After all, it’s not every day that you see someone give birth. Delivering a child in an unplanned situation can be very difficult. Although the stages of labor usually progress very slowly,

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  • Knee dislocation

    First Aid for Foreign Object in the Skin

    When foreign objects enter the skin, they may pierce through it superficially or embed themselves deep inside the skin. This condition can be dealt with self-treatment, however, if unexpected

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 Toronto First Aid is an experienced and premier provider of first aid and food safe training within the Toronto region. We offer a wide variety of different workplace approved, food safe and pet first / CPR courses. We proudly offer the lowest and most competitive prices in the region and our courses. We are also committed to a high level of customer service as we offer courses frequently throughout the week at different location and at different times. Registration is quick and easy and can be completed through this website, via phone or email.

Our instructors are friendly, welcoming, patient and cater to your learning methods. We understand that everybody learns via differing methods so our instructor try our best to teach via comprehensive methods.


We also have a "no pressure" policy which states that if you attend and don't complete the course the first time you can re-take the course at no extra cost.

Our training centers are well maintained, feature the latest equipment and incorporate a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We want to make the experience as comfortable and informative as possible. We have friendly customer service representatives available to answer questions, emails and help with registration during regular business hours. Visit our "contact-us" page for contact information or to send us a email. Scroll through the page to find out more information about the first aid, CPR, AED and food safe courses that we feature throughout the Toronto region. We are excited to teach you!

First Aid Courses

Toronto First Aid proudly provide the Toronto region with first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses. All of our workplace approved first aid courses include training in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the usage of automated external defibrillators (AED). Certificates are provided to candidates immediately upon completion of the course. These awards are valid throughout Canada for 3 years. These certifications meet workplace, academic, government standards and Health Canada requirements. The three major first aid, CPR and AED courses offered are standard, emergency and childcare first aid which we provide multiple times per week.
CPR and AED “Only” Courses
Candidates that are required to have only CPR and AED certification can take one of our workplace approved CPR "only" courses. These courses do not include any first aid training or certification. These courses are available at all of our training centres throughout Toronto at the lowest prices. These certificates meet the highest standards and are valid nationally for 3 years. Registration can be completed quickly and conveniently through our on-line system or via telephone or email. For more information about these stand-alone courses please visit our CPR and AED course page.
Re-Certification Courses
We also proudly feature re-certification courses for individuals that need to renew expiring awards first aid and / or CPR awards. We offer all of the available renewal programs at convenient dates and times throughout the week. Candidates can choose to re-certify either first aid with CPR or they can renew CPR and AED only. For more information about these courses please visit our re-certification course page.
Pet First Aid and CPR
Toronto First Aid proudly offers a number of pet first aid and CPR classes for candidates that want to learn the basic skills to help and save the life of their pets during an emergency. These popular courses are ideal for individuals with cats or dogs and focus on teaching participants the most effective first aid and CPR techniques available as provided by our highly trained and experienced instructors.
Food Handler Certification Classes
We provide food handler certification courses in Toronto in a number of our training centers. Candidates that successfully complete this program will receive a food safety certificate that does not expire and is valid throughout Ontario. Candidates will cover basic topics including food handling, preparing, serving and storing techniques that meet the latest health and safety guidelines and recommendations. All certificates provided through this course meet Health Canada and workplace requirements. Register for either a first aid, CPR, re-certification, pet first aid or food handler certification course in Toronto today to get the lowest prices and most convenient and comfortable training centers. We also offer private courses and infant CPR training for parents.

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