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8 January 2021
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Prison watchdog investigating a complaint of guards not wearing masks

8 January 2021, Comments: 0

Correctional officers in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary are being accused by inmates of not wearing masks or gloves while working during the COVID-19 pandemic. According […]

31 December 2020
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Keep wearing masks until more is known about vaccine

31 December 2020, Comments: 0

The immunization against COVID-19 will not mean the end of masks, frequent hand washing, and physical distancing. At least not yet. Canada’s National Advisory […]

14 December 2020
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COVID-19 related violation ticket payments are slow to come in B.C.

14 December 2020, Comments: 0

The police in B.C. have issued 86 tickets for contravening provincial health orders plus 65 tickets for violating the federal Quarantine Act. The police […]

3 December 2020
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Proper use of face masks could cut COVID-19 transmission in Saskatchewan by 50%

3 December 2020, Comments: 0

Universal and consistent mask-wearing could cut COVID-19 transmission in Saskatchewan by at least 50%. A face mask is an important layer. There are hardly […]

26 November 2020
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N95 Fit Test Course by Toronto First Aid

26 November 2020, Comments: 0

As workplaces, schools, and organizations prepare to re-open, there is an increasing demand for respiratory protection. When N95 masks are utilized at medical and […]

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