March 2018 - Toronto First Aid

30 March 2018
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What is ischiogluteal bursitis?

30 March 2018, Comments: 0

Ischiogluteal bursitis involves inflammation of the bursa positioned amidst the ischial tuberosity and tendon of the hamstring muscle. It is important to note that […]

29 March 2018
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What is a high ankle sprain?

29 March 2018, Comments: 0

A high ankle sprain involves damage to the anterior tibiofibular ligament that links the tibia and fibula together right above the ankle. What are […]

28 March 2018
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Thigh strain

28 March 2018, Comments: 0

A thigh strain involves a tear in one of the quadriceps muscles at the anterior region of the thigh. The injury can range from […]

27 March 2018
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Calf strain

27 March 2018, Comments: 0

A calf strain involves a tear on the muscle fibers at the rear part of the lower legs and range from minor to severe. […]

26 March 2018
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Aspiration pneumonia

26 March 2018, Comments: 0

Aspiration occurs once a foreign object was breathed in which includes liquid, food piece, gum or even vomit. The entity can end up embedded […]