What is ischiogluteal bursitis?

30 March 2018
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30 March 2018, Comments: 0

Ischiogluteal bursitis involves inflammation of the bursa positioned amidst the ischial tuberosity and tendon of the hamstring muscle.

It is important to note that the bursa is responsible for reducing friction between the bone and tendon. It might become inflamed on its own or associated with tendon inflammation which triggers the same symptoms.

What are the possible causes?

Ischiogluteal bursitis is typically due to repeated or extensive activities that places strain on the ischiogluteal bursa. The condition can also be caused by prolonged sitting especially on hard surfaces or from continuous running, kicking or jumping.

In some instances, the condition can develop after sustaining a direct strike on the ischiogluteal bursa. Generally, this occurs after a fall onto hard surfaces.

What are the signs?

The indications of ischiogluteal bursitis are strikingly the same as hamstring tendon inflammation and generally include:

  • Pain and tenderness at the ischial tuberosity
  • Discomfort when the hamstring muscles are stretched
  • Pain or achiness steadily arises after sprinting and aggravated by sitting

Management of ischiogluteal bursitis

ischiogluteal bursitis

The indications of ischiogluteal bursitis are strikingly the same as hamstring tendon inflammation.

Self-care measures

  • Adequate rest
  • Application of an ice pack on the site to lessen the pain and inflammation

A doctor must be consulted if the symptoms become persistent. In most cases, strengthening and rehabilitation of the hamstring are necessary since the pain has resulted to weakness via muscle inhibition.

Medical care

When a doctor is consulted, assessment is carried out to differentiate the condition from hamstring tendinitis. This generally involves analyzing the effectiveness of treatment such as deep tissue massage.

In some cases, a corticosteroid shot, and local anesthetic are administered into the fluid-filled bursa. After some time, hamstring strengthening exercises are started.

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