September 2020 - Toronto First Aid

14 September 2020
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Be ready to save lives by enrolling in a CPR course

14 September 2020, Comments: 0

A P.E.I. doctor suggests CPR training to help those suffering from a heart attack. According to Dr. Des Colohan, P.E.I chief coroner, the key […]

11 September 2020
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Victims of shooting incident receive first aid

11 September 2020, Comments: 0

The Major Crime Unit takes over the investigation of a shooting incident on Walsh near Ware. The incident involved 2 men in Abbotsford. The […]

10 September 2020
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Saskatoon government leaves it up to school boards to decide on face mask use

10 September 2020, Comments: 0

The Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan outlined what mandatory face mask use in the province’s school would look like but did not require that […]

9 September 2020
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Timely delivery of CPR successfully saves the life of a man

9 September 2020, Comments: 0

The life of a man was saved with the rapid delivery of CPR. Certificates of commendation were given to Steve Stewart and Steve Parks […]

2 September 2020
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The man retrieved from a submerged vehicle after crash receives CPR

2 September 2020, Comments: 0

CPR performed on the man after retrieved from a submerged vehicle. A man is hospitalized in critical condition after pulled from a vehicle that […]