CPR Courses

Toronto First Aid provides customers with the opportunity to register for a variety of stand-alone cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) courses. We proudly feature these courses at the lowest prices. These courses are designed for customers that only need CPR training and do not need any first aid certification. Customers have the option of selecting from 3 different workplace approved CPR levels. These levels are CPR level “A”, “C” and “HCP” (also known as CPR level “C” for health care providers). This page will outline the available CPR training and give a brief outline of these courses which are offered in Toronto.

workplace approved CPR and AED Courses in Toronto

Workplace approved CPR and AED Courses in Toronto

CPR level “A”

CPR level “A” is the simplest, quickest and most fundamental CPR course. It is commonly referred to as basic CPR training. This training course focuses on fundamental CPR which includes CPR for adult victims only. Candidates will also learn basic techniques on how to recognize and manage patients with breathing difficulties such as choking (referred to as mild and complete obstructions). Individuals will additionally cover issues such as contacting 911 and receive a basic understanding of the legal repercussions of performing CPR. Typical candidates that enrol into this course work in the service industry primarily with adults. To register for a stand-alone CPR level “A” course select the title of this paragraph or choose CPR level “A” from the menu.

CPR level “C”

CPR level C is the most famous and certainly one of the most thorough cardiopulmonary resuscitation lessons available through St Mark James. We offer this course at each training facility at least 4 times per week. All of the course material from CPR “A” is included in this course with additional information and training in recognizing and managing infant victims. The CPR “C” award can certainly be a substitute for a CPR “A” license. This course is just a little lengthier when compared to CPR level “A” and involves all of the respiratory emergency aspects. Typical candidates of this course include students, and individuals that work in the service industry with adults, children and infants.  To register for a CPR level “C” and AED “only” course select the title of this paragraph or select CPR level “C” from the main menu. When partnered with first aid this course typically is joined with standard or emergency first aid. Re-certification courses are available for CPR level “C”.

CPR level “HCP”

By far the most comprehensive cardiopulmonary resuscitation training course is CPR “HCP”. This CPR course is made for those who are employed in health care industry and students planning to work in the health care industry. This training course focuses on all the material within CPR level’s “C” and “A” and offers further guidance while using complex tools and experienced assistance. Candidates will learn to use advanced equipment such as bag-valve masks and learn to do 2 person rescuer CPR. Participants will also learn to assess circulation and provide ventilation only rescues. This class is a little lengthier than CPR – C. Typical candidates consist of, but are not limited to, health care employees, health care administrators, and medical and nursing university students.  To register for CPR level “HCP” select the title of this paragraph or select CPR “HCP” from the menu. When partnered with first aid this course is typically taken with standard first aid. Re-certifications are available for CPR level “HCP”.

To register for any of these CPR courses in Toronto select the level of CPR training you require from above or from the menu. CPR “only” classes are available at many different locations and times throughout the Toronto area.