June 2013 - Toronto First Aid

29 June 2013
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Hashimoto’s Disease

29 June 2013, Comments: 0

Hashimoto’s disease refers to a disorder involving the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a small gland situated at the base of the neck, […]

25 June 2013
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Top Reasons for Getting St Mark James Certification

25 June 2013, Comments: 0

If you’re a good swimmer and love the beach, why not consider being a lifeguard? You can indulge your love of swimming while ensuring […]

13 June 2013
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Helmets: Minimizing Risks of Head Injury

13 June 2013, Comments: 0

Statistics back the importance of helmets in minimizing the number of head injuries. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, around 540,000 bicycle riders […]

6 June 2013
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Holiday Decoration Safety

6 June 2013, Comments: 0

Decorating the home for the holidays is certainly fun, but before you start on anything – think safety first. Every year, around 12,500 people […]