Top Reasons for Getting St Mark James Certification

25 June 2013
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25 June 2013, Comments: 0

If you’re a good swimmer and love the beach, why not consider being a lifeguard? You can indulge your love of swimming while ensuring the safety of other people. This is an important job that can provide you with a lot of benefits. But it also entails a lot of training and you’ll be required to take first aid and CPR courses. There are a lot of really good reasons for working as a lifeguard and for also getting workplace approved certified. Here are some of them –

CPR certification course with St Mark James Training

CPR certification course with St Mark James Training

  • It can be a great full or part time job.

A career as a lifeguard is nothing to scoff at now. However, you should have your First Aid certification in the bag before you apply for the job. People training to be a lifeguard actually have an advantage as the training already gives them the necessary preparation and information, making getting the certification easier. Plus, there are other jobs that also require a First Aid or a workplace approved certification.

  • It can imbue you with a sense of achievement.

This can be a good motivator for teenagers. Children, even those who’re doing well in school or those who have good grades, still need a goal that they can focus on. Getting a first aid or workplace approved certification can be a good goal for young people. Once they’ve finished the training and have accomplished getting the certificate, they will definitely feel proud for finishing something that not everyone can.

  • It can make your professional and personal experiences even more fulfilling.

It’s good to be able to save someone through your job, but someone who is first aid certified can utilize this talent anywhere. No one can tell when your training will come in handy in real life.

  • You can save someone’s life.

Life is full of uncertainties and no one can anticipate when or where disaster might strike. Taking first aid courses will ensure that you’re in a position to save someone’s life, maybe even someone close to you. It’s undoubtedly a great skill to have and is a wonderful confidence booster.

  • You can get a job in a rarefied field.

Teenagers or young adults who’re looking for a job might encounter difficulties, especially when one doesn’t have any experience yet. This becomes even more crucial in regions where the job market is either struggling or very competitive. Having training in first aid and lifeguarding can improve one’s chances of landing a job regardless of where one is. Plus, there are thousands of lifeguard and medical jobs open in areas with a large beach or summer population and a certificate will give a distinct advantage.

There are numerous reasons for studying first aid and CPR or for getting a workplace approved certification. Whatever your reasons are, there’s no time like the present to enroll in classes and work towards your certification. Not only will you add to your knowledge, you’ll also be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

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