First Aid Courses

Customers in Toronto have the option of registering for a number of different workplace approved first aid courses. All of these courses include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training. Nearly all candidates have no difficulty completing the course and receive a valid workplace approved certificate which is current for 3 years. The number of students that successfully complete this course on the first attempt are well of 95%.

St Mark James first aid and CPR courses in Toronto, Ontario

St Mark James first aid and CPR courses in Toronto, Ontario

This certificate provided to successful candidates meets a number of workplace, academic and government standards. Contact your employer or academic adviser to determine the level of first aid and CPR training you are required to have. If you have previously completed these courses and would like to re-certify please visit our re-certification pages. All of the following first aid courses in Toronto are provided at convenient times and locations throughout the week. Select from below the type of course you need to get more information and / or to register.

Standard First Aid Courses

This course is the most popular and comprehensive first aid and CPR courses available to Canadians. We offer this course with CPR level “C”, however, candidates can also take this course with CPR level “A” or CPR “HCP” with a small additional fee. This course takes 18 hours to complete and teaches participants a wide range of first aid topics which include cardiovascular, respiratory, environmental, skeletal, burn and sudden medical emergencies. Candidates will have an opportunity to practice these skills by using training mannequins and first aid kit equipment. Candidates will receive the best “hands on” training by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Emergency First Aid Courses

This course is a very popular 8 hour course that we offer at least 3 times per week at each training facility. This course comes standard with cardiopulmonary resuscitation level “A”, however, customers do have the option of taking this course with CPR level “C” or CPR level “HCP”. Candidates that complete this course will receive a workplace approved certificate stating completion of emergency first aid, CPR and AED training. This course is typically completed within one day, however, we do offer this course in a two day format. Registration can be completed on the emergency first aid course page via the website, email or by telephone.

Childcare First Aid Courses

We proudly offer this exclusive workplace approved standard childcare first aid course. These courses, offered exclusively through St Mark James, are designed for people that work in the child care field. Standard childcare first aid in a 18 hour course. This course comes standard with CPR level “B” and candidates can not opt for any other level of CPR training. Candidates that complete these classes will receive a standard childcare first aid certificate that states completion of CPR level “B” and AED training. Standard childcare first aid certificates can be re-certified via this workplace approved provider.

To register for any of the above mentioned first aid courses in Toronto select the course of your choosing from above or the menu for more information and to register for the course that meets your schedule. We have customer service representatives available during regular business hours that can help answer any questions or registration concerns you may have.