May 2018 - Toronto First Aid

11 May 2018
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The signs of a concussion can be complicated. The indications of brain damage tend to vary based on factors such as the seriousness of […]

10 May 2018
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Broken ankle

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A broken ankle is rarely a dangerous emergency, but it can be quite painful. Proper first aid can help in reducing the discomfort. Remember […]

9 May 2018
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Close look on pressure bandages

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Pressure bandages are effectively used to control bleeding. These bandages provide a safe alternative to holding pressure manually. With pressure bandages, the focus is […]

8 May 2018
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Rat bite

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A rat bite can occur if it is scared or handled. It is best to leave a rat alone if one is nearby. If […]

7 May 2018
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Achilles tendon rupture

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Achilles tendon rupture involves damage to the rear part of the lower leg. It typically occurs among individuals who engage in recreational sports, but […]