Blood in urine: Treatment and Prevention

16 February 2013
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16 February 2013, Comments: 0

Blood in urine, medically termed as hematuria, is an emergency condition that may be caused by strenuous exercise, certain drugs and urinary disorders.


There is no general treatment for hematuria. Therefore, upon diagnosis, your doctor will determine treatment depending on the underlying cause. Treatment options include taking antibiotics to fight infections affecting the urinary tract, shock wave therapy to destroy kidney or bladder stones and medications and drugs to treat enlarged prostate glands.Blood in urine: Treatment and Prevention

For minor cases such as exercise, treatment may not be necessary.


There no specific preventative measure to avoid urinary bleeding, but there are ways you can reduce its risk through lifestyle changes. Some preventative measures include:

  • Preventing urinary tract infections to prevent urinary bleeding. You can do this by urinating whenever you need to urinate, without causing any delays, for example after intercourse. You must also make sure you wipe both front and back after you have urinated and avoid irritating products that may increase the risk of developing infections.
  • Preventing kidney stones. You can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by drinking plenty of water and restricting your salt intake.
  • Preventing bladder cancer. Many cancers including bladder cancer that may cause urinary bleeding can be prevented by stopping smoking and reducing your exposure to harmful environmental chemicals. Additionally, you must drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of bladder cancer.
  • Preventing kidney cancer. This can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet and weight, avoiding toxic chemicals and quitting smoking and excessive drinking.

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