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21 June 2012, Comments: 0

We are proud to present a new workplace approved and food safety course provider in Toronto. We are experienced providers that have training centres operating throughout the nation. At Toronto First Aid we are dedicated to offering the lowest prices and the best first aid, CPR and food safety education. We are committed to having the best courses by having well maintained, clean, safe and welcoming training centres. Our instructors are experienced teachers with plenty of patience. Here are ten reasons why you should register with Toronto First Aid:

  1. We have the lowest prices in the Toronto Region
  2. We have the best training facilities with the latest equipment
  3. Registration can be completed on-line, through the phone or via email
  4. We have customer service representatives that are able to help with any questions or concerns during regular business hours
  5. We offer the most courses throughout the week. No other provider offers as many courses as we do
  6. We also offer re-certification and private courses
  7. We have a excellent refund and transfer policy
  8. Our courses rarely ever cancel due to low registration (99% of our courses run as scheduled)
  9. We have the best training locations in Toronto
  10. We offer the largest variety of courses from babysitting to pet first aid and CPR

For more information about our available programs browse through our website. We offer every first aid course imaginable including re-certification programs and private courses. Our private first aid and CPR programs can be for individuals or groups with qualified workplace approved instructors that can come to you or you can book a course at our training facility.

All of our workplace approved first aid and CPR programs provide successful candidates and individuals with credible awards that meet a number of certification requirements. Whether you need this award for school, work or for volunteer reasons our certificates will meet those requirements.

Register for a first aid, CPR or food safety certification program with us today.

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