The Basic CPR Classes Available

11 October 2013
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11 October 2013, Comments: 0

CPR Training CPR is one of the very basics of a First Aid course taught in CPR Classes, but it is a life saving skill that helps save lives of victims of the highest cause of death in adults today; cardiac arrest. Though, CPR alone is unlikely to start the heart but it provides an amount of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart which keeps organs and tissues in the body alive until a medical profession can take over by using an AED-automatic external defibrillator to shock the heart into the regular rhythm.

Sudden loss of breath or abnormal breathing and cardiac arrest are not peculiar to adults alone, infant, children and pets are also victims of this deadly attack and the procedures to administer CPR differs in each case. Described below are basic CPR Classes that are available today:

CPR Classes for Infants and Children

Certified instructors demonstrate how to administer every aspect of the CPR procedures on infants. The instructors use baby-size mannequin to demonstrate the whole procedures to students in the classroom; this way the student can practice on the mannequin. Crucial details like: how hard to strike the child back when the child is choking on something, the universal compression to ventilation ratio for a new born baby which by the way is different for a child are all covered in these classes. There are lots of CPR Classes available in your community and online and they all encourage parents, babysitters or anyone who is responsible for taking care of infants and children.

CPR Classes for Adults

Compression CPR procedure in adult is more effective than in children, most times children need the AED. The universal compression to ventilation ratio for adults is not the same with children either. These classes usually teach how to use the AED tool which by the way is a good tool to be included in your first kit.

The adult class goes beyond the standard resuscitation from cardiac arrest, students are trained to use advanced life support tools, and there are also classes for parent during pregnancy where compression techniques are taught.

CPR Classes for Pets

CPR for dog, cat or other pet owners is similar to CPR for humans. The placement of head, mouth to mouth procedure and chest compression are all similar to how you will perform the same to humans and so is the universal compression to ventilation ratio which almost the same as for adults.

The basics and most important skill to acquire from CPR Classes are: the rate, speed and depth at which to apply chest compressions for any individual; infants, children, adult and pets, how to completely relax pressure between compressions, and prevent over ventilating.

Taking a CPR Class might not be of much important to the youth especially to singles but when get the responsibility of a younger one, children or  spouse, there no doubt that you will see the usefulness of taking the course. There are several classes online and in your community, most have great schedules that will fit into your tight schedule.

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