January 2018 - Toronto First Aid

12 January 2018
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Mold allergy: Am I allergic?

12 January 2018, Comments: 0

Mold allergy is a prevalent condition that arises as an abnormal immune response after inhaling fungal spores. A reaction can occur in both outdoor […]

11 January 2018
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Infant botulism

11 January 2018, Comments: 0

Infant botulism is an uncommon, bacterial form of food poisoning affecting infants less than 1 year old. The condition responsible is the Clostridium botulinum […]

10 January 2018
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Cat scratch disease

10 January 2018, Comments: 0

Cat scratch disease is brought about by the Bartonella henselae bacteria. This bacterium is present in the saliva and claws of cats and their […]

9 January 2018
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Cervical fracture

9 January 2018, Comments: 0

A cervical fracture involves damage to the cervical vertebrae. It is important to note that the cervical vertebrae are comprised of 7 bones that […]

8 January 2018
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Overview on penicillin allergy

8 January 2018, Comments: 0

Penicillin allergy is a prevalent ailment that arises as an erratic immune response to antibiotics included in the penicillin family. Take note that these […]