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24 July 2017
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Overview on greater trochanteric pain syndrome

24 July 2017, Comments: 0

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome involves the bursae and tendons bordering the greater trochanter. If there is damage to these structures, it triggers pain on […]

21 July 2017
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What is calcaneal apophysitis?

21 July 2017, Comments: 0

Calcaneal apophysitis is characterized as sore inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. It generally develops among children ages 8-14 years old since […]

20 July 2017
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What is deep vein thrombosis?

20 July 2017, Comments: 0

Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein in the body. Even though these clots typically arise in the […]

19 July 2017
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Close look on a puncture wound

19 July 2017, Comments: 0

A puncture wound has a small-sized entry brought about by any pointed or sharp object such as a nail. This type of wound is […]

18 July 2017
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Overview on heat packs

18 July 2017, Comments: 0

The use of heat packs on any aching body part can provide relief to the pain and stiffness. Throughout the years, heat has been […]