Calf muscle cramp

20 March 2015
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20 March 2015, Comments: 0

Cramping is an involuntary contraction of the muscle that will not only cause a lot of pain but can also lead to muscle damage in severe cases. It is important to note that cramping is an involuntary contraction of the muscle that is not only painful but can also lead to muscle damage in severe cases. To learn to recognize and manage muscle conditions including a calf muscle cramp, enroll in a first aid course with Toronto first aid today.

Overview on cramps

Leg cramps can cause pain that occurs involuntarily. The cramps typically affect individuals who train intensively especially those who engage in running at some point in their lives. A usual site for leg cramps include the calf muscles which comprises of the soleus muscle and gastrocnemius muscle.


If an individual experiences an episode of cramping, it is recommended to stretch the muscles. It is best to hold the stretch for as long as needed. Gentle massage of the muscles can also help relieve the symptoms by encouraging the flow of blood.

In one theory, it is stated that if you pinch the upper lip, a nervous reaction will cause the cramp to go away. It still best to consult a sports injury professional who can advise on the right rehabilitation as well as prevent future episodes of calf muscle cramps.

Calf muscle cramp

Leg cramps can cause pain that occurs involuntarily.

The doctor will utilize sports massage techniques to help improve the condition of the muscle to relax tight or knotted areas. Stretching and strengthening exercises can help prevent future episodes of cramping as well as check for dehydration, insufficient diet or lack of salt if they are possible causes.

In some cases, the individual might not get enough salt in the diet and this is a popular theory why cramps occur. On the other hand, there is too much salt used in processed foods that a diet that lacks salt is an unlikely cause of cramps.

Sports massage

It is important to note that massage can be useful in relieving calf muscle cramps as it occurs by stimulating the flow of blood as well as helping stretch out the muscle. Massage can also be beneficial during days or weeks after an episode of cramping as well as for prevention.

Once the muscle experiences cramping, it goes into spasm. The spasm will squeeze out the blood similar to a sponge, thus preventing the muscle from acquiring nutrients. In addition, if the spasm is severe, there is damage to the muscle.

The benefits of a sports massage can help release tension in the muscle as well as stimulate the flow of blood. It can also help by stretching the muscle, especially sideways in a manner that cannot be achieved by normal stretching. Remember that massage should not be performed during the acute stage of this injury, usually 48 hours after the injury. If there is still bleeding, heat and massage will only increase the bleeding.

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