Can lifting weights cause groin injuries?

27 February 2015
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27 February 2015, Comments: 0

The groin is where the torso meets the legs and extends down to the upper thighs. Various groin injuries can occur in which the groin can be strained, pulled or torn when the individual engages in sports or exercise. An individual can suffer from an injury if he/she will not allow the body to rest adequately in between weightlifting sessions or lifting more weight than the body can support.

How injuries during lifting occur?

When lifting whether lunges, squats or even bench presses, the groin muscles are placed under substantial stress. Groin pulls can occur if attempting to move too much weight and using the legs to incorrectly lift the weights. When struggling with the weight and feeling unsteady, the individual must let the spotter take over right away. If the individual will not give up, it might result to a groin injury.

Groin injuries

Groin injuries are primarily treated with rest and application of ice.

When to lift

Weightlifting can lead to muscle injury if done frequently. When establishing strength, the body must be allowed enough time to recover after a heavy weightlifting session. Essentially, it is recommended to work out every second or third day. Once there is still pain after the first session, it is best to wait until the muscles fully recovered before engaging on the next session.


Groin injuries are primarily treated with rest and application of ice. Once the individual feels a twinge of a groin pull, he/she must stop and apply an ice pack over the site to reduce the swelling. Elevate the leg while applying ice. A doctor should be consulted if the individual experiences intense pain. This might indicate a rupture or tear that would always require surgery. If you want to be prepared to handle minor groin injuries, it is best to enroll in a course on first aid today in your area.

Preventive measures

The individual should not be overly excited in building his/her strength in lifting weights. It is recommended to work with an experienced coach so that a suitable work out plan can be provided to prevent injuries. If the individual is new to weightlifting, the coach can provide the suitable plan and steadily increase the workouts over time.

It is important to build strength steadily and avoid any abrupt changes in the weightlifting plan since it would surely result to injuries. Do not forget to perform proper warm up that includes stretching to minimize the risk for injuries.

Considerations to bear in mind

Strength training must not include the use of performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids. Even though these can help the individual recover quickly in lifting more weights, steroids and other similar drugs are linked to detrimental side effects. Among those who utilize these drugs, they feel stronger but can provide a false sense of strength or power. These individuals end up with serious muscle injuries in an attempt to lift heavier weights.

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