How to manage common cold at home

27 May 2016
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27 May 2016, Comments: 0

Many individuals do not always consult a doctor if they end up with a common cold. For some, knowing what to do at home is not always easy. If you want to properly manage common cold at home, there are measures that you should be familiar with.

Adequate rest

If an individual has common cold, it is vital to take a break and rest. Though some might not take time away from work, it is actually unproductive and can prolong the condition.

By resting, the body is able to fight off infections more effectively even the minor ones such as common cold. Going to bed 1-2 hours earlier is beneficial and allows the body to recovery rapidly.

Common cold

If an individual has common cold, it is vital to take a break and rest.

Increased intake of fluids

An individual with common cold should increase his/her intake of fluids including water and sports beverages. Avoid sodas, coffee or alcoholic beverages.

It is important to note that sports drink and water work by rehydrating the body and can clear up congestion as well as allowing the body to effectively fight off injections.

Beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine can lead to dehydration and make the condition worse. In addition, alcohol can also interact with some over-the-counter cold medications, thus they should be avoided while the individual is sick.

Over-the-counter medications

Remember that there is no medication that can cure the common cold. There are several in the market that claim to do so, but none have been proven effective. The over-the-counter cold medications only relieve the symptoms so that the individual can function and feel better even for a short while. Take note that the virus responsible for the condition is not eliminated.

Other remedies to relieve the symptoms of common cold

Using a humidifier and even chicken soup can go a long way in making the individual feel better. The individual can even stay in a steamy bathroom to relieve the congestion and calm the coughing.

Just remember that none of these remedies can actually cure common cold but can help the individual feel better which is the main objective if he/she is sick.

When to consult a doctor

Many will not consult a doctor for a common cold. In some cases, the symptoms might last longer or become worse which can be an issue for concern. In such circumstances, the cold might be triggered by another form of infection such as pneumonia or it was not a cold after all.

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