How to provide relief to hand and wrist pain

20 November 2015
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20 November 2015, Comments: 0

Always bear in mind that hand and wrist pain is often due to a wrist injury or performing the same movements repeatedly. Professionals who utilize computers on a daily basis as well as construction workers who utilizes vibrating devices are prone to hand and wrist pain.

Hand and wrist pain can be linked to pressure and swelling on the carpal tunnel that accommodates the median nerve that travels up to the middle of the wrist and into the hand. It is vital to take regular breaks as well as strengthening the wrists to help minimize the hand and wrist pain.

Changing of positions and regular breaks

Hand and wrist pain

You can apply an ice pack over the swollen or injured hand.

It is vital to switch positions and maintain regular breaks. Those who use the computer throughout the day have wrists that are forced into the same position. It is recommended to set a timer and take breaks every 30 minutes while shaking out the hands and resting for a moment before resuming work. This can also help minimize the tingling sensation that can oftentimes occur along with the wrist pain.


Stretch out the hands and wrists once pain starts since they might be cramped. All you have to do is hold the hands out in front with the hands in fists. Steadily twist the hands together and then twist them apart to feel a stretch in the wrists.

Open the hands and utilize the fingers of one hand to steadily pull the fingers backwards of the other hand for a good stretch in the tendons of the fingers.

Application of an ice pack

You can apply an ice pack over the swollen or injured hand. The swelling can add excess pressure on the nerves and tendons in the hand, thus resulting to pain and other undesirable sensations.

All you have to do is apply a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply over the swollen fingers. Once done, apply a compression bandage to stabilize the hand and wrist in order to minimize the swelling in the future.


It is important to exercise the hands and wrists in the same manner when exercising the other muscles in the body. As long as the hands and wrists are strong, the individual is less likely to end up with hand and wrist pain due to overuse and other activities.

Pain medications

The individual suffering from hand and wrist pain can be given over-the-counter pain medications if pain is experienced. These pain medications will not only help manage the pain, but also relieve some of the swelling and inflammation linked with the pain. Just make sure that the individual will follow the dosage instructions on the packaging. In case the pain does not subside, a doctor should be consulted for proper assessment as well as start suitable treatment options.

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