Interior ear bumps

22 August 2014
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22 August 2014, Comments: 0

The bumps that develop within the ear can occur overnight, resulting to discomfort as well as making it difficult for the individual to hear. Even though ear bumps is not an indication of a serious health issue, there are some types of ear bumps that might be cancerous in nature. The doctor can determine the appropriate course of first aid care and treatment for the ear bumps after identifying the type and the cause of the growth.

How ear bumps are identified

It is important to note that ear bumps can develop at any point in the ear canal. The lumps or bumps can be soft or hard, depending on the type. There are some bumps that can be sore while others do not cause any pain but can affect the hearing of the individual if they block the ear canal.

Interior ear bumps

It is important to note that ear bumps can develop at any point in the ear canal. The lumps or bumps can be soft or hard, depending on the type.

Types of ear bumps

There are certain types of ear bumps that you should be familiar with. The sebaceous cysts are harmless and comprised of dead skin cells and skin oils. These cysts are the most prevalent cysts that develop in the ear. Otitis externa or swimmer’s ear is an infection of the ear canal that can lead to swelling that feels like a bump in the ear.

Excess growth of bone in the ear canal can lead to the non-cancerous exostoses and osteomas. Even keloids that are caused by the overgrowth of scar tissue can also cause bumps if the individual sustained an injury to the ear canal.  Ceruminoma which is a cancerous tumor that grows in the exterior part of the ear canal tends to form once cancer develops in cells that produce ear wax. There are two types of skin cancer such as squamous cell and basal cell cancer that can cause bumps on the exterior part of the ear canal if the individual has extensive exposure to the sun.

What are the symptoms?

The individual will discover a bump in the ear after he/she noticed an uncomfortable sensation of fullness in the ear. The sebaceous cysts can cause pain especially if they are infected. If there is an increase in the hearing in one ear, there might be a large-sized bump that blocks the ear canal. The hearing loss can develop if there is an accumulation of ear wax around the bump. Take note that otitis externa can be accompanied by itchiness, pain in the earlobe, drainage and inflamed glands in the neck.

Treatment of ear bumps

The sebaceous cysts usually go away without requiring treatment. In case the cyst is infected, sore or affects hearing, the doctor might be required to remove the cyst or treat it using an antibiotic. Exostoses, osteomas and keloids can be removed surgically if they become too large, cause ear infections or affect normal hearing.

Corticosteroid ear drops are given to help reduce the swelling triggered by otitis externa. Antibiotics are given to help control the infection. When treating basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer and ceruminoma, it involves surgery and the removal of the surrounding tissue and radiation therapy.

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