Proper way to manage arm soreness in baseball

6 September 2014
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6 September 2014, Comments: 0

It is important to note that arm soreness is considered as a common condition that affects baseball players of all ages, but it is usually not a cause of concern at all. There are various measures in order to ensure that the soreness will go away and will not develop into serious conditions. By taking the time and effort to avert and manage arm soreness, it will greatly help the individual while playing the game with minimal degree of discomfort.

Baseball is not the only sport in which arm soreness can occur but also in other sports such as volleyball, swimming, tennis and even golf. It is important that you know how to properly manage this condition so that the individual can resume playing the sport. With this in mind, you will surely benefit a lot by being prepared to manage this condition. All you have to do is to register for first aid training today.

Preparing to throw

The individual can prevent post-throwing arm soreness before starting the game. Always bear in mind that the individual should finish a thorough stretching program if he/she will be throwing that day. Tossing a baseball is considered as a complete body movement where the individual has to stretch the entire body in order take much stress off the arm if possible.

Application of ice on the affected arm

Right after a pitching session or game, it is vital to apply a bag of ice or an ice pack on the shoulder and elbow of the individual as soon as possible. During the initial hour, you have to apply ice for 15 minutes and then remove it for another 15 minutes. This process must be repeated once again if needed. Understandably, those who perform a lot of pitching in a day would require several ice applications in order to minimize the arm soreness.

Arm soreness during baseball

Right after a pitching session or game, it is vital to apply a bag of ice or an ice pack on the shoulder and elbow of the individual as soon as possible.

Resting the affected arm

Most starters that have extended outings are on a routine of four or five days. This involves spending minimal time on throwing during the first day after an outing. Nevertheless, if the outing is a short one, it is okay to play light catch. In most cases, the arm will be sore for the first two days after pitching. It is vital to limit throwing during these days since it is the period in which the arm is prone to injury.

When to consult a doctor

There is a big difference between injury and soreness. In case the pain appears severe than normal or does not seem to go away within three days after throwing, it is best to consult a doctor in order to preserve the functionality of the affected arm. If minor inflammation occurs but was not given proper care, it can lead to strains and tears as well as further aggravate the injury sustained by the individual.

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