Remedies for swollen feet

25 September 2015
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25 September 2015, Comments: 0

The feet are subjected to pressure on a daily basis. Pain and inflammation in the feet can occur due to the continuous and excessive force placed on them. Many individuals will end up with swollen feet at some point in their lives. Using ill-fitting shoes, engaging in high-impact exercises, certain health conditions or a combination of these can cause foot pain. Determining the exact source of swollen feet is the initial step in managing it since certain conditions including fractured bones, fallen arches, gout and arthritis require medical care.

Ice packs

Cold therapy or cryotherapy works by reducing the pain and inflammation. Edema or swelling develops when extra fluids are trapped in between the cells. Using an ice pack minimizes the flow of fluid to the area where it is applied and prevents the ability of the nerve cells to send off pain signals.

One method is to fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and hold the bag on the feet for up to 20 minutes. Make sure that the affected area is covered with a thin cloth or towel. Once the skin starts to numb, remove the bag.

Ice bath

When an ice bath is used, it can manage both feet at once and only needs a foot bath or bucket, ice and water. Fill the bucket or foot bath with adequate water to cover the feet. Add the ice and immerse the feet for up to 20 minutes. If the feet start to feel numb, take them out of the bath.

Cold massage

Swollen feet

As long as the feet are not bruised or damaged, moist heat can be used to ease the tension and pain.

This treatment option adds massage to cryotherapy. Take note that massage promotes the flow of blood, stimulates the nervous system as well as promotes relaxation. All you have to do is fill a paper cup with water and store inside a freezer. Once the water is completely frozen, peel the top part of the cup until the upper part of the ice is revealed.

This should be massaged over and around the swollen feet. Just be careful not to press deeply and keep the ice moving in order to avoid frostbite from developing. A cold massage is an inexpensive, simple fix that reduces the swelling and pain as well as covering a larger surface area.


The RICE method is recommended for swollen feet. This treatment option can be used to address with one of the causes of swollen feet which is fluid buildup. Elevation of the feet even for short periods of time will allow the body to drain out excess fluids from the area, thus minimizing the swelling and pain.

Moist heat

As long as the feet are not bruised or damaged, moist heat can be used to ease the tension and pain. All you have to do is use two towels soaked in warm water and wrap them around the feet. The heat works by relaxing the muscles and stimulates circulation. Proper care must be taken not to utilize water that is too hot since heat can increase the swelling.


Massage can be used to help reduce the pain. Make sure that areas inflamed due to injury should not be massaged. The inflammation that occurs due to prolonged standing, ill-fitting shoes or high-impact exercise can benefit from a foot massage.

A small amount of massage oil or lotion can be used while massaging the feet to prevent dragging skin. You can apply even pressure on the feet using the thumbs and knuckles. In addition, massage is usually recommended since aside from reducing the swelling and pain, it also helps loosen up tight tissues.

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