Symptoms of low sugar level

5 July 2014
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5 July 2014, Comments: 0

If an individual is experiencing unusual symptoms, the cause might only be a low sugar level in the body. Once the body has a low sugar level, it can indicate a serious health condition such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. Take note that this can also affect the energy level, weight gain and memory. With this in mind, it is important that you know how to identify if the body has low sugar level. There are important considerations to bear in mind that will help you identify the problem and ways to deal with the possible conditions that can develop. As a common issue among diabetics, it is best to enroll in a first aid course so that you know what to do in case a hypoglycemic episode occurs.

What are the early symptoms?

Once an individual is unable to eat such as skipping meals or simply avoiding one, it results to a low sugar level in the body. Hunger is the first symptom experienced if there is low sugar level in the body. The other symptoms that can indicate a drop in the sugar level include weakness, facial numbness, nervousness, dizziness, cold sweat, headaches, shaking, irritability, night sweats and nightmares.

Advanced symptoms

Low sugar level

Headache is one of the early symptoms if the sugar level in the body is low.

If the low sugar level drops and not corrected right away by eating or taking the right medication, the individual can suffer from advanced symptoms such as confusion, rapid heart rate, slurred speech, blurred vision, restlessness and mood swings. If the issue becomes severe, the individual can faint and loss consciousness. Once the first indications of low blood sugar manifest, make sure that the individual is given sweets to consume.

Preventive measures

Those who do not have any health issues can handle a low sugar level by simply eating something that contains sugar. Hard candies or a few ounces of juice or soda are recommended. Just make sure that the individual will not consume excessive amounts of sugar though. This can cause the blood sugar to rise drastically. After the blood sugar rises, it will again drop, thus probably resulting to the similar symptoms that were felt before.

Health history of the individual

If the individual has a history of episodes of low sugar level symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor. The doctor will check the blood sugar level to check if it is within the normal range of 80 or more after a fasting test. If the level is not within the normal limits, the doctor will perform some tests and find out more about his/her diet to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Important consideration to bear in mind

It is vital to bear in mind those who experience low sugar level experiences the symptoms differently. If the individual has diabetes, it is vital to check the blood sugar level to ensure that the condition is not in a dangerous state.

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