Can exercise cause itchiness?

9 June 2016
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9 June 2016, Comments: 0

Itchiness and skin irritation can occur in some individuals during exercise. The normal bodily functions during exercise can trigger the itchy sensation, thus there might not be a reason to worry. Just remember that there are a few exceptions to watch out for to ensure that the itchiness is not linked to a serious underlying condition.

Common causes for itchiness during exercise

Having dry skin, low humidity and dry weather are the usual reasons why itchiness occurs while exercising.

The cold, dry winter air is responsible for this seasonal irritation. So far, it is the simplest irritation to manage with the application of a good moisturizer prior to exercise as well as maintaining a regular schedule of moisturizing the skin.

Itchiness during exercise

Having dry skin, low humidity and dry weather are the usual reasons why itchiness occurs while exercising.

Are allergies possible triggers?

Another usual cause of itching is an allergic reaction to a new lotion, soap or detergent. If itchiness occurs after using a new product, it is recommended to change products to check if it solves the issue.

If the individual gradually changes personal products and still experiences itchiness, this issue might be internal. In the same way, some experience the discomfort along with hives which is an allergic reaction that triggers the release of histamine that dilate the blood vessels, thus resulting to skin irritation and swelling.

Histamine reaction during exercise

A recent theory regarding the cause of the itchiness while exercising is linked to the release of histamine during physical activity. In some individuals, the expansion of the blood vessels can be felt as itchy irritation by the nervous system. On the other hand, further studies are needed to fully understand how it works.

When to worry

Other causes for the itchiness might include reactions between exercise such as certain medications or food allergies. Antibiotics, diuretics and some pain medications are capable of triggering the itchy sensation during physical activity.

Once this occurs, a doctor should be consulted about the symptoms and the medications currently used. Oftentimes, a topical cream or over-the-counter antihistamine is prescribed before exercise.

What are the serious symptoms to watch out for?

In rare circumstances, some individuals end up with exercise-induced anaphylaxis which is a serious reaction. If the individual experiences serious symptoms such as hives along with severe itchiness that intensifies and progresses to shortness of breath and low blood pressure, seek medical care.

Remember that this is a serious reaction and if not promptly treated, it can lead to shock. If these symptoms are present, it is vital to inform a doctor before exercise. The symptoms are typically managed using antihistamines.

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