Emergency self-care for neck pain

12 June 2015
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12 June 2015, Comments: 0

When it comes to neck pain, it is has been a common issue that many individuals face throughout the years. It can occur abruptly and drastically limit the range of motion of the neck, thus engaging in basic tasks at home or work is impossible.

Physical therapy for neck pain can help reduce the symptoms as well as improve overall mobility. A vital component of the physical therapy program for neck pain is to learn measures to prevent future issues with the neck and learn what to do once neck pain strikes again.

In case the individual developed abrupt onset of acute neck pain, there are measures to manage the pain. By doing the right things early, you can rapidly restore the normal range of motion of the neck, reduce pain and return to the previous level of functioning.

Do not panic


In most cases, it can be scary to move the head and neck which instigates sharp pain, but most often the pain resolves within a few days.

If an individual develops neck pain, the individual should not panic. In most cases, it can be scary to move the head and neck which instigates sharp pain, but most often the pain resolves within a few days.

Occasionally, serious issues such as a virus or tumor can cause the neck pain but these lesions are rare. In most circumstances, the neck pain is triggered by an issue with the joints, discs or muscles in the neck. Take note that these problems can be easily managed. Once the symptoms worsen over several weeks and do not improve with movement and posture correction, it is recommended to consult a doctor to rule out serious issues.

Gentle range of motion exercises

Once neck pain strikes abruptly, the individual might want to keep the neck from moving. With gentle ROM exercises, they are usually started so that the individual can get back on the road to recovery.

The progression of neck exercises including neck retraction and mild rotation can help reduce pain. Make sure that you will monitor the symptoms and observe for centralization which occurs when pain that is on one side of the neck moves to the middle part of the neck.

Remember that centralization of pain that occurs during exercise is a good sign. In case the individual engages in neck retraction while sitting in a chair causes pain, he/she can try to execute the exercise while lying on his/her back.

Maintain correct posture

A common cause of neck pain is postural neglect. Sitting in a forward head along with a rounded shoulder posture can place significant strain on the joints, muscles and discs in the neck, thus resulting to pain. Even though neck pain is experienced, it is vital to maintain proper posture at all times.

Using a cervical roll in the pillow

While sitting, it can be difficult to maintain proper posture as well as lying down while sleeping or resting can be challenging if neck pain is present.

Using a cervical roll in the pillow can help maintain proper position of the neck while sleeping. A cervical roll is a support pillow that can fit in the pillow case. This helps maintain correct position of the neck while lying down.

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