Eyeball bump

1 August 2018
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An eyeball bump are growths on the conjunctiva. Depending on the shape, color of the bump and its location on the eye, there are various causes.

What are the usual causes of an eyeball bump?


Pinguecula are small, yellow-white eyeball bumps. These are deposits of calcium, fat or protein that are common among middle-aged and elderly. Based on studies, men are likely to develop these bumps.

Some of the usual causes of pinguecula include:

  • Dry eye
  • Aging
  • UV light exposure
  • Frequent irritation from dust and wind

    Eyeball bump

    Depending on the shape, color of the bump and its location on the eye, there are various causes.

An evident sign of pinguecula is white or yellow bumps on the white part of the eye near the nose. In some cases, they also form on the part of eye near the ear.


If the eyeball bump is white or pinkish and elongated or like a wedge in shape, it might be a pterygium which is a flesh-like growth. Prolonged exposure to the UV rays increases the risk.

Limbal dermoid

These are non-cancerous growths that form in the eyes of children. These bumps are generally white and overlap the white and colored region of the eye.

In most cases, this eyeball bump will not cause any harm but can disrupt vision. The growths can be removed surgically especially in cases where it causes astigmatism or if the tumor becomes large.

Conjunctival tumor

A big growth on the conjunctiva might be a tumor especially if it has grown over time. It might appear fixed with a minor bump or look fleshy and thick. This eyeball bump might form in the white part of the eye or over the cornea.

Management of an eyeball bump

The treatment for an eyeball bump is based on the root cause. If it is a common cause such as pinguecula, the treatment involves the application of lubricating eye drops and using UV-protective sunglasses when outdoors, even during cloudy days.

In case the eye is swollen and inflamed, the doctor might prescribe steroid eye drops to lessen the swelling. It is also suggested to get special scleral contact lenses for dry eyes or photochromic lenses for eyeglasses so that they darken automatically as sunglasses when walking outdoors.

Surgical removal of the eyeball bump is also an option depending on the root cause.

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