How to manage puffy eyes

15 December 2017
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15 December 2017, Comments: 0

There are various ways to manage puffy eyes. The treatment options range from simple remedies such as increasing the intake of water or even invasive ones such as cosmetic surgery.

Commonly used remedies for puffy eyes

Adequate sleep

A regular sleeping pattern can help lessen the appearance of puffy eyes. Generally, adults need 7-8 hours of sleep at night. A bedtime routine should be created and strictly followed to ensure getting enough sleep.

Some measures to achieve good sleep at night include:

  • Follow a sleep schedule
  • Turn off any electronic devices an hour before bedtime
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages at least 6-12 hours before bedtime
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages near bedtime
  • Dinner should be finished around 2 hours before bedtime


    Remember that allergies can trigger swollen, reddened and puffy eyes.

Increased intake of water

Puffy eyes might be due to dehydration. It is vital to drink enough water daily to keep the skin healthy. Generally, drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.

Propping up

The individual should sleep using a few cushions or pillows beneath the head to avoid the buildup of fluid around the eyes. An alternative is raising the head of the bed to achieve the same effect.

Allergy control

If the individual has year-round or seasonal allergies, a doctor should be consulted. Remember that allergies can trigger swollen, reddened and puffy eyes. This urges the individual to rub the eyes more, resulting to increased puffiness.

In most cases, the treatment might include eye drops and over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Avoidance of alcohol

Limit or avoid any alcoholic beverages that can lead to dehydration which can result to puffy eyes.

Cold compress

A cold compress can be applied on the eyelids for 10 minutes to lessen the puffy eyes. This promotes the drainage of excess fluid beneath the eye.

A compress using black or green tea bags is also effective. Take note that tea contains antioxidants that constricts the blood vessels and lessen the puffiness.

Eye creams

There are various eye creams that can help ease puffy eyes. Look for ingredients such as cucumber, chamomile and arnica since they can help lessen the inflammation and tighten the skin. In addition, the presence of caffeine in eye creams and even makeup can reduce the puffiness.

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