Heel-strike pain: How is it avoided?

14 September 2017
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14 September 2017, Comments: 0

Heel-strike pain is a prevalent issue among runners and individuals who spend most of the time on their feet. There are various factors that can contribute to the issue but the usual ones include shoe type, foot-strike, incorrect and over-running. The body weight and stride length might also add up to the issue. Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent heel-strike pain altogether.

Experimenting on the foot-strike

It is important to note that heel-striking has the biggest impact on the feet and knees. In case heel-strike pain arises, it is best to steadily adjust to a different running style.


Choose supportive footwear with insoles that are intended for heel-striking.

Regular stretching to prevent heel-strike pain

It is recommended to stretch regularly to achieve better control over the foot-strike and stride. The tightness in the quads, hips, hamstrings and ankles might be a main cause of unwanted impact while running.

Proper stretching of these muscles after every run helps improve the range of motion as well as lessen any aches and discomfort.

Supportive footwear

Choose supportive footwear with insoles that are intended for heel-striking. If the individual naturally strikes the heel and accustomed to it, select the proper footwear. Shoes that are built with the right type of padding to reduce heel-strike pain.

Replace worn out shoes

Always check the shoes worn for signs of wear-and-tear. The life span of each shoe is different particularly on the running surface.

In case the thread starts to thin out or the individual feels that the padding in the mid-foot or heel is too compressed and not supporting the feet, it should be replaced right away. Using old, worn out shoes can be detrimental.

Considerations to bear in mind

If the heel-strike pain is minimal, it might be due to overuse. In such instances, it is recommended to run less every week and maintain cardio activity with low-impact training such as swimming or cycling.

In case the heel-strike pain is severe or chronic, it is vital to stop running and consult a doctor.

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