Ideal dressings for burn wounds

13 September 2017
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Burn wounds vary in severity depending on the amount of area covered and how deep it penetrated the underlying skin and tissues. The wounds might also result from various causes such as friction, heat and chemicals.

Since there are various types of burns, a variety of burn dressings are available that are specifically designed to protect the damaged tissues, promote wound healing and lessen the risk for infection.

Fabric and gauze dressing for burn wounds

The dressings that are made from gauze and fabric are vital in protecting almost every degree of burn wound. The gauze dressings are designed to be wrapped around an inner layer of damp dressing to secure it in place over the wound while allowing movement. The Ace bandage is another form of elastic, fabric wrap that lessens the swelling in the affected area.

Adherent dressings


The dressings that are made from gauze and fabric are vital in protecting almost every degree of burn wound.

Some dressings for burn wounds are made to stick to the site of injury. If a low-adhesive silicone-coated synthetic mesh is used, it can be easily removed without difficulty from the site.

The more adhesive elastic dressings might be utilized to wrap burn wounds in the extremities particularly the arms, hands and legs. These dressings are often used over other layers.

Antimicrobial or antibacterial dressings

The dressings that keep the wound moist and free from bacteria are vital in the healing process. A silver absorbent dressing can be applied over burn wounds to drive out the fluid draining from the site. Once this occurs, the dressing converts into a gel that provides protection to the wound from bacteria as it solidifies.

The antimicrobial dressings that are made from soft silicon can be used which releases silver into the wound for up to 7 days. These types of dressings are covered with fabric, gauze or an adherent to secure in place.

Emergency dressings

The emergency team utilizes a variety of dressings for burn wounds as the initial line of treatment while being transported to a healthcare facility.

  • The water gel dressings are layered with gel and protects burn wounds by sealing it from air and bacteria until the wound is properly treated at a healthcare facility.
  • Burn towels are applied on the wound site for protection against airborne pathogens
  • Burn sheets are used for serious burn injuries to prevent the loss of body heat

In most cases, saline solution is used which replaces the fluid lost from the burn wounds along with these sheets.

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