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4 May 2018
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4 May 2018, Comments: 0

Bedbugs mainly feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Bedbugs generally feed on their hosts while they are sleeping, usually between midnight up to 5 AM. The bites can be easily seen but it can reach up to 14 days to be visible.

What are the indications of bedbugs?

An evident sign of bedbugs in the household is complaining of bites that occurred while asleep. In such cases, the bedrooms must be examined for the presence of bedbugs.

  • Check the bed linen and seams and trusses of box springs and mattresses for the adults or their eggs. The eggs look like pale, miniature poppy seeds.


    Application of topical creams or ointments including cortisone to lessen the itchiness.

  • Bedbug activity might occur beneath slack areas of wallpaper close to the beds, corners of dressers or desks, in the laundry and even drawers.
  • Monitor for dark brown or rust droppings that stain the mattresses.

Management of bedbug bites

If an individual ends up with bites from bedbugs, the treatment includes:

  • Application of topical creams or ointments including cortisone to lessen the itchiness
  • Oral antibiotics if infection arises due to irritation of the skin around the bite site
  • Corticosteroids for a severe allergic reaction
  • In some cases, antihistamines can be given to alleviate an allergic reaction to the bites

Most bites by bedbugs heal within 1-2 weeks.


Since bedbugs can hide in different areas in the house, they are not easy to get rid of. In most cases, it is suggested to consult professional pest control services.

Clearing up excess clutter from the house is suggested to limit the hiding places. This lessens the available hiding places and makes examination easier.

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