Belly button discharge

15 June 2018
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15 June 2018, Comments: 0

There are various causes for belly button discharge. It is important to note that bacteria, dirt, fungus and other germs can end up trapped within the belly button. This might lead to an infection that causes white, yellow, brown or blood drainage from the belly button.

What are the usual causes?

Bacterial infection

The belly button contains various types of bacteria. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria might trigger an infection. If a piercing in the navel is present, it can also get infected.

A bacterial infection can cause a yellowish or greenish, foul-smelling discharge. It can be accompanied by pain, swelling and formation of a scab around the belly button.

Belly button discharge

Candidiasis can develop in the belly button if the site is not kept clean and dry.

Yeast infection

Candidiasis can develop in the belly button if the site is not kept clean and dry. It causes a reddened, itchy rash on the navel and might cause a thick, whitish discharge.


Those diagnosed with diabetes are prone to yeast infections. In one study, it was discovered that yeast infections in the belly button are prevalent among those with diabetes.


If the individual had abdominal surgery such as hernia repair, pus might drain from the belly button. Once this occurs, a doctor must be seen since it might be a sign of an infection that requires treatment.

Management of belly button discharge

The skin of the belly button must be kept dry and clean. An antifungal powder or cream can be used to clear up a yeast infection.

For a bacterial infection, an antibiotic ointment can be used. As for those with diabetes, it is vital to keep the blood sugar controlled.

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