Caffeine allergy symptoms

28 June 2014
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28 June 2014, Comments: 0

It is a known fact that many individuals nowadays consume caffeine on a daily basis. Some could not even start their day if they could not drink coffee. Caffeine is present in coffee, soda, chocolate and tea. Understandably, the amount of caffeine consumed tends to vary from one individual to another as well as the reaction to the substance. It is considered as a harmless substance by many but some individuals have intolerance to it. Others can even experience an allergic reaction that involves several symptoms that can indicate whether or not the individual has caffeine allergy.

Symptoms of caffeine allergy

An allergic reaction to caffeine includes both physical and mental symptoms that can manifest after ingestion of caffeine. If a family member has time type of allergy, you can register in a first aid course to properly manage an allergic reaction.

Rash and hives

Just like with any type of allergy, an individual with caffeine allergy will develop rashes or hives. Take note that this reaction would typically manifest right after ingesting caffeine. The rashes or hives will start to form on the skin that can be itchy or not.


One of the common physical symptoms of caffeine allergy is heart palpitations. This symptom can manifest as a flutter in the beating of the heart or the heart can respond with a skipped beat. The individual will also feel as if the heart is racing or pumping too hard than normal. All of these indicate that the individual has caffeine allergy. With this in mind, this alone will not necessarily indicate an allergy to caffeine since there are other symptoms accompanying the heart palpitations.

Caffeine allergy

The individual will also feel as if the heart is racing or pumping too hard than normal.


Inflammation is another common symptom in any type of allergy. This inflammation can affect the mouth, tongue, throat, face and even the lips. Take note that the swelling can also start to affect breathing and swallowing, thus making it even more difficult for the individual to carry out these bodily functions.

Visual disturbances

An individual with caffeine allergy will experience blurred vision along with the symptoms stated. This can occur at the same time with the other symptoms, right after caffeine has been ingested. In some individuals, they usually experience a severe reaction to caffeine and can actually start to hallucinate.

Muscular issues

Even the muscles are affected during an allergic reaction to caffeine. The movement of the individual is usually quick or in a jerky manner. Take note that this symptom can also manifest in the form of twitching and tremors within any part of the body that has muscles.

Mental disturbance

Always remember that not all the symptoms of caffeine allergy are physical since some can actually affect the mental state. The most common symptom is a certain level of paranoia that can even progress to an anxiety attack. On the other hand, there are also other symptoms as well. In some cases, the individual will also become agitated or irritable. He/she will start to lose focus, ability to judge situations and even comprehension of simple things.

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