CPR performed on a victim of a fatal shooting incident

12 November 2020
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12 November 2020, Comments: 0

An incident in a townhouse complex might be linked to a vehicle fire. A Surrey man was seriously wounded in a Friday night shooting in Langley Township in a newly-developed townhouse complex in the Willoughby neighborhood.

The police were able to identify the 23-year old, Tarek Ali Al-Romeshi was the individual found wounded in a vehicle. He was not a resident of the complex and not known to police according to Cpl. Frank Jang, spokesperson for the regional Integrated Homicide Investigation Team. He added that the shooting incident seems to be targeted.

Shooting ordeal

Jang also issued an appeal for any person with knowledge of the incident leading to his death, possible associates, or any details that can help.

Prompt delivery of CPR and using an AED can save a life.

Right after 9 PM, the Langley RCMP received calls of shots being fired in the 8200 block of 204B St in the newly developed area. Upon arrival, they found an injured man with gunshot wounds inside a vehicle. Based on the reports from the scene, the man was shot 2 times in the chest. The paramedics and firefighters delivered CPR on the victim as he was loaded into the ambulance.

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