Giant papillary conjunctivitis

10 April 2018
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10 April 2018, Comments: 0

Giant papillary conjunctivitis is defined as the formation of large-sized bumps beneath the eyelid. Remember that this is a form of eye irritation.

The condition can be caused by the following:

  • Allergic reaction to the chemicals present in the contact lens solution. The eyes might react to the chemicals, even if it has been utilized for months or years.
  • Allergic reaction to pollen or other potential allergens present in the environment that might accumulate on the contact lenses
  • Old corneal scar, contact lens, slack stitch after eye surgery or other forms of foreign objects that rub within the interior of the upper eyelid

    Giant papillary conjunctivitis

    In most instances, the sensitivity reactions can involve both eyes.

In most instances, the sensitivity reactions can involve both eyes. The rubbing of the foreign body or contact lens can trigger irritation in only a single eye.

What are the signs?

  • Enlarged lumps on the interior of the eyelid
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Reddened, itchy, scratchy or swollen eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Visual changes
  • Matting of the eyelashes
  • Drainage of pus or watery fluid
  • Excessive movement of the contact lenses while blinking

Management of giant papillary conjunctivitis

The treatment for giant papillary conjunctivitis due to the use of contact lenses generally involves not wearing them for several days or weeks. The doctor might suggest using a different cleaning, wetting or soaking solution. There are changes in the lens-care regimen to lessen the buildup of deposits on the lenses. Oftentimes, the lenses are professionally cleaned to eliminate any chemicals or dirt. There is also a need to change to a different type of contact lens.

In case the cause is due to allergies, it is vital to avoid the allergens that worsen the symptoms. In such cases, there is a need to apply eye drops or take medications. If foreign bodies are present in the eyes, they must be removed.

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