How to manage facial sunburn

23 October 2015
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23 October 2015, Comments: 0

Sunburn is a typical skin reaction that occurs due to prolonged exposure to the sun. If there are no blisters or other indications of a second-degree burn, sunburns have the tendency to recuperate without medical care after a span of a few days. If the individual experiences intense pain, severe swelling or blisters, it is best to set an appointment with a doctor so that appropriate treatment can be started.

When spending time outdoors, it is vital to observe protective measures to prevent getting sunburn. Initially, a sunscreen should be applied on areas of exposed skin as well as wear a hat for added protection.


The initial step is to cool down the skin on the face. All you have to do is fill a large bowl or sink with cool water. Instruct the individual to close his/her eyes and hold breath and position the face in the water and hold for a few seconds.

In case there is no access to a basin or the individual finds it uncomfortable, you can utilize a soft towel immersed in cool water and pat on the face gently. Combine equal parts of milk and water also helps. In some cases, you can also add Burow’s solution that is readily available in drug stores.

Facial sunburn

When spending time outdoors, it is vital to observe protective measures to prevent getting sunburn.


After the initial heat has reduced, you have to keep the skin well moisturized to promote the healing process. In case the face starts to peel, gently scrub using a cotton cloth moistened with cool water. A face scrub can be used but use one that is not too rough or abrasive to prevent aggravating the burning sensation. After cleaning and scrubbing, dab on a facial cream or pure aloe vera gel. If available, you can also use the gel from a freshly sliced aloe vera leaf. All you have to do is slice it open and directly rub on the skin.

Natural remedies

Another treatment option to manage facial sunburn is found in the kitchen. All you have to do is create a paste of cucumber and tomato. Combine with a small amount of lemon juice and apply on the affected area. This is beneficial if the skin feels warm and sensitive. It is also important to avoid the eye area since lemon can cause a burning sensation if it enters the eyes. In addition, yogurt is also suitable and even better if combined with rosewater.


There are also over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen that can be used to minimize the inflammation, pain and swelling after sustaining facial sunburn. A doctor should be consulted first if these medications are safe to use.

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