Low back tightness: How is it managed?

22 September 2017
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22 September 2017, Comments: 0

Low back tightness is the cause of muscle spasms. This can be triggered by overuse, strain or muscle weakness. If the lower back muscles have diminished strength and a sturdier back muscle tugs on the weakened muscle, it results to pain or tightness. Even though the low back tightness can be treated at home, some cases might necessitate medical care.

Measures in managing low back tightness

  • The lower back muscles should be allowed to rest. The individual should rest in a comfortable position to reduce the tension in the lower back and will not bend or twist the spine. Avoid engaging in any rigorous or demanding activities until the tightness has settled.

    low back tightness

    Utilize cold and hot therapy on the lower back.

  • Utilize cold and hot therapy on the lower back. Place an ice pack on the muscles during the initial 2 days for 15 minutes at 3 times throughout the day. On the 3rd day, use a warm compress on the site.
  • Encourage the individual to limit or quit smoking. It is important to note that smokers have diminished oxygen levels in the spinal tissues. The lack of oxygen can delay the healing process.
  • The lower back muscles should be massaged. Remember that massage helps relax the low back tightness as well as loosen any knots in the muscles. Use your fingers in massaging the tight areas in the lower back with mild pressure.

A doctor should be consulted so that a diagnosis of low back tightness can be given. In most cases, physical therapy stretches along with prescribed medications are necessary. In some instances, injections and surgery are utilized to improve muscular function as well as lessen the pain and tightness.

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