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9 November 2020
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CPR performed on a victim of a house fire

9 November 2020, Comments: 0

Despite CPR on the scene, the daughter of the paramedic responding on the scene passed away. A paramedic lost his daughter after discovering that […]

5 November 2020
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CPR performed on a victim of a drowning ordeal

5 November 2020, Comments: 0

A woman died from drowning despite the immediate delivery of CPR. The RCMP are investigating a possible drowning that occurred in an isolated lake […]

4 November 2020
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New CPR board created in Alberta to help with COVID-19 resuscitation

4 November 2020, Comments: 0

A new piece of medical equipment created at the University of Alberta may help doctors in delivering CPR. It provides a quicker and safer […]

27 October 2020
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Officers performed life-saving measures on an inmate who overdosed

27 October 2020, Comments: 0

The death of an inmate in the medium-security unit at Collins Bay Institution was due to a drug overdose. The inmate, identified as Shane […]

26 October 2020
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Victim of a stabbing incident in critical condition despite CPR

26 October 2020, Comments: 0

A 42-year old man is in critical condition after a stabbing ordeal. The incident involved another passenger on a transit bus. Stabbing incident After […]